Artist / Radio Personality / Voice Actor / TV Host / Canadian Singer / Songwriter

NEW: Private Vocal And Piano Coaching Classes

Are you interested in finding your voice, starting playing piano again; or perhaps you want to work on your performing skills....


Kelly currently has some openings for her private coaching classes.


  Contact her at Kelly Gale Creative.  

Creative Classes & Workshops

If You Can Imagine It...We Can Probably Create It!


When I first opened my Studio, I thought I was going to create certain workshops to offer the Community. After a few months I began to listen to what people were actually looking to for. After hearing so many creative ideas I now ask...

"Put together a group of friends, come up with a creative idea and let's see what's possible"!

We can paint paddles, canvas's, furniture, pots for your garden, create floral arrangements to custom urns for your home!

 Contact me with your ideas!