Artist / Radio Personality / Voice Actor / TV Host / Canadian Singer / Songwriter

Kelly's Art


What My Artwork Means To Me...

 Art is such an incredible means of expression. My painting, as in my music career has involved years of study, experimentation and a substantial emotional investment. I find joy in the creation of each piece of artwork that has found its way into the hearts, homes, cottages and offices of my clients over the years. My signature whimsical textured style is simply my interpretation of nature and of life. I specialize in color. I mix precise tones and apply them onto the  canvas I am creating. I incorporate the latest design colour hues as well as work with clients to create a custom colour piece using their colour scheme. 

My artwork has been featured on television programs, in magazines, newspapers and in window displays of design stores over the years. I have shown my artwork in Canadian Galleries as well as being invited to be part of the prestigious juried Post Office and B T Art Club's Annual Art Exhibition in London, England of which I am also a member.



The Creative Process


Drawing & Texture


I am known for my large, whimsical, textured original paintings. The journey of an original piece of art begins with drawing the image on a canvas, then applying generous amounts of molding paste to begin to creating a sculpture like dimension and incredible texture. Once that has dried, I begin to add color using designer colour decks as a palette


Adding Colour

 Acrylics are mixed to a precise colour match. The result is a large uplifting, textured original canvas that is sure to touch someone’s soul. Many clients ask for a custom painting in tones from their existing space or they fall in love with a large piece at the Studio and decorate around it. When creating using  the latest designer tones, it's always easier for clients to find accessories to decorate around a paintin




My portfolio consists of Flowers, Thornbury & Blue Mountain Village Scenes, Ladies Bistro and Après Ski Scenes, as well as large custom Children's Room pieces.